India urged to allow foreign investment in pensions sector

NEW DELHI, Jan 3 Asia Pulse – The Indian government should
allow FDI in the pension sector as this will increase the
volume of assets which can be used to develop the country’s
infrastructure, an industry study has said. “FDI in pension funds will further increase the volume of
assets that can be invested into infrastructure. India requires
US$1 trillion for infrastructure investments during the 12th
Five – Year Plan (2012-17),” Assocham said in its study.

The study said permitting foreign investment in pension
funds will give global pension fund companies access to the
vast, untapped Indian market.

The massive investment required in infrastructure cannot be
financed by traditional sources of public finance. Amid falling
corporate sector performance, even the private sector has
monetary constraints with respect to funding huge
infrastructure projects, it said.

If pension funds are diverted for infrastructure projects,
they will ensure long-term income streams, stability,
predictable cash flows, low default rates, project
diversification and societal benefits, the study said.

Foreign direct investment in the pension sector subject to a
26 per cent cap was one of the features of the Pension