Indian anti-graft activist ends 13-day fast

NEW DELHI, August 28, 2011 (AFP) – Indian anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare ended his 13-day hunger strike on Sunday triggering wild celebrations among supporters after parliament agreed to consider his demands. Hazare’s fast at an open-air venue in New Delhi attracted tens of thousands of people every day as a nationwide protest movement emerged to back his cause, leaving the government appearing badly out of touch with public opinion.

Hazare, who looked energetic and alert, took sips of coconut water mixed with honey handed to him by two young girls before delivering a speech broadcast live on national television.

“The parliament in Delhi had to bow down to people power, but our fight does not end here,” he said to huge applause. “We want to bring about a change in the country but within the framework of the constitution.

“It is a matter of pride that such a big people’s movement happened without resorting to any sort of violence,” he added. “We have taught the world how to conduct a peaceful agitation.”

On Saturday, parliament agreed in principle that all state and central government officials would come under proposed anti-graft legislation being drafted by lawmakers and to a new citizens’

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