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Indira, the first woman Chair of Lanka exports

The first woman to lead Sri Lankan exports took the helm of country’s apex export facilitator EDB on 29 October. “I am very confident of making a positive contribution to the export effort of our country” said Indira Malwatte (new Chairperson & CEO of EDB) on 29 October in Colombo. New EDB Chairperson Malwatte said this after assuming office at EDB’s Nawam Mawatha offices on the morning of 29 October. She was joined by members from Lankan exports community as well as staff members and top officials of EDB. “EDB is the premier state organization entrusted with the task of developing and promoting exports of products and services from Sri Lanka under the Minister of Development Strategies and International Trade Malik Samarawickreme” said new Chairperson Malwatte, and added: “I am very confident of making a positive contribution to the export effort of our country using my extensive network with the relevant stakeholders both nationally and internationally and the will and ability to embark on a programme of development, motivating the professional staff of the EDB thereby once again making them a highly capable and innovative Team of Officers.” With the Government’s strong belief that private public partnerships are essential for the growth of exports, Malwatte’s appointment as the Chairperson of EDB gives her a unique opportunity to serve the export community as an exporter of highly perishable products to new and demanding markets. Malwatte, who combines vast experience she had in serving the Government both internationally and locally as a top Export Promotion Officer with hands on experience in the private sector also has in depth knowledge on multi - sectors ranging from Industry, Agriculture to Services. New Chairperson Malwatte - a product of Visakha Vidyalaya and the University of Peradeniya- has also served as the focal point on a number of World Bank, ITC, GIZ, CBI and JETRO export development projects as well as in a number of Government and Private Sector Boards undertaking several product development and export related consultancies. (Media Release) Indira-Malwatte
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