Inter Network

A proposed new interconnection regime could see Sri Lanka Telecom sharing resources with its competitors and their customers.
At the end of a two month process, Hong Kong based consultancy group Arculli and Associates, have drawn up a draft interconnection framework for the Sri Lankan communications industry.

The draft recommends a benchmark interconnection fee ranging from Rs. 0.17 to Rs.0.82 charged on a per second basis for a minimum call of 30 seconds for local and national calls.

In addition to the interconnection fee, the draft calls for the dominant service provider, SLT to offer its value added service to customers from competitor networks.

Services opened up as a result could include directory assistance, operator assisted calls and listing in SLTs printed and online directory.

Competing operators will also have access to access to this database allowing them to offer their own directory and operator service.

The competing networks will however be required to ensure the pri