JAT showcases innovative products at Architect Exhibition 2017


JAT Holdings participated in the acclaimed Architect Exhibition 2017 and introduced a plethora of innovative and revolutionary products to the Sri Lankan market.

JAT Holdings’ current product portfolio includes an impressive array of Decorative Domestic and Industrial Emulsions, Exterior Wall and Enamel Paints, Maintainers, Putties and Plasters, Ceilings, Timber Flooring and Decking, Office Seating and Desking, Carpeting, Abrasives and Paint Brushes.

Sayerlack, the flag carrier among the JAT portfolio of brands, has since 1954, been providing the most advanced and inventive quality finishes for wood. With its firm commitment to research, development of new technologies, and its expansion of production capabilities, Sayerlack has consistently become one of the largest producers of wood coatings in Europe, and is represented in Sri Lanka by JAT Holdings.

At the 2017 Architect exhibition, JAT introduced a range of Waterbased and PU special effects. It also introduced a Sayerlack coffee-proof paint which has been invented to offer ultimate resistance to the toughest stains such as coffee stains; thus ensuring the prevention of yellowing and/or staining and is therefore the only product of its kind to guarantee results in Sri Lanka.

Yet another novelty that was introduced under the Sayerlack brand umbrella was the Anti-Skid / Anti-Slip coatings which are warranted to increase friction and reduce the possibility of slippery floors.

Another of JAT’s products; Crown Paints, is an established British paint maker since the late 1850s, and has been endorsed in the United Kingdom by a Royal Warrant granted by Her Majesty the Queen. One of the largest and most successful paint manufacturers in the UK and Ireland with its ever expanding global market, it possesses over 200 years of decorative knowledge and experience and is synonymous with quality products which suit all home and industry needs.

The recent product introduced under the Crown label is “Timonx” and “Xtreme Xposure.” Timonox is a fire retardant paint which can significantly delay the spread of fire. The Crown ‘X-treme X-posure’ exterior coating is a most superior, durable and smooth masonry paint which guarantees the best possible long-term protection against exposure to all weather types.

Another pioneering addition to its already impressive portfolio is the miracle product, Master Plaster that will without doubt, wholly transform the plastering industry in Sri Lanka by totally eliminating the traditional sand cement plastering and putty application. Besides being a unique product, and supremely cost effective, it also ensures the conservation of scarce natural resources such as sand.

Growing from strength to strength over the years, JAT Holdings boasts of an impressive portfolio of products across a wide range of leading international brands including SAYERLACK wood coatings of Italy, Herman Miller office solutions of US, Crown and Permoglaze decorative interior and exterior wall paints of UK, Borma Wachs maintenance range of Italy, Norton Abrasives (Saint Gobain) of France and Brush Master Paint brushes. JAT has successfully expanded its presence internationally across a host of countries such as India, Bangladesh, Maldives and the Seychelles.

With its philosophy of teamwork and corporate citizenship which reflects its commitment to perfection and its zero tolerance of errors and accidents, as well as its investment in providing international exposure and training to its technicians, JAT has been the recipient of many prestigious awards and accolades.

Consequently, JAT Holdings recently became the only Sri Lankan company to be awarded an unprecedented five Green Labels by the prestigious CIOB [Chartered Institute of Buildings] Green Mark Scheme in recognition of its new age innovative building and construction materials.

This further reinforces its position as a company which has continually strived for ethical practices by consistently pursuing an ‘Earth First’ policy while awarding its loyal customers the opportunity to participate in this sustainable initiative. By effectively combining environmental friendly products together with cutting edge technology, it is no wonder then that JAT spearheads the wood finishing industry in such a dynamic fashion.

(Media Release)

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