Jeevani Siriwardena appointed as new DG of Sri Lanka EDB


Jeevani Siriwardena has been appointed as the new Director General of the Sri Lanka Export Development Board.

She joined the Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB) as a Management Trainee 32 years back, in 1984. Work experience at EDB includes over 20 years in Product Management and over 10 years in Market Development Divisions of the EDB.

She handled the product and market development activities of the apparel export sector, during its early growth phase and also handled the development activities of the other Industrial and Agricultural product sectors.

She led a large number of overseas marketing missions with the participation of the private sector also and accompanying Presidential business delegations. Foreign market exposure included countries such as USA, Europe, South Africa, Japan, China & India.

She served as the Officer in Charge of EDB initiated Sri Lanka Trade Centre in Chennai for fifteen months and for a short spell of 2 years she worked as a visiting lecturer at the University of Colombo, prior to joining the EDB.

(Media Release)


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