JICA grants Rs. 463mn to assist human resource development of public sector

Jul 13, 2020 (LBO) – Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Government of Sri Lanka today signed a Grant Agreement amounting to 269 million Japanese Yen (463 million Rupees) under the Project for Human Resource Development (JDS).

The agreement was signed between Fusato Tanaka, Chief Representative of JICA Sri Lanka Office and S R Attygalle, Secretary to Ministry of Finance, Economic and Policy Development.

Accordingly, fifteen talented government officials are expected to receive full-time scholarships for Masters’ degree, besides two officers for Doctoral studies in reputed Japanese universities by the end of the year 2021.

“Through professional engagements, we expect that JDS fellows will expand their leadership skills stimulating economic development between Sri Lanka and Japan in consolidating bilateral relations, by actively involved in networking with Japanese partner organizations as well as public and private sector who see JDS fellows as strong envoys in strengthening Sri Lanka-Japan relationship,” says Tanaka.

With the introduction in 2010 for Government of Sri Lanka, becoming one of the largest and popular scholarship programs among government officials, JDS has already accepted 171 officials for Masters’ & Doctoral degree courses in areas of public policy & finance, economics, business management, disaster management & climate change.

After returning to Sri Lanka, officials are actively involved in the planning and execution of development policies by making the most of their experience and human network in Japan.

Renowned for its well-planned implementation measures outfitting to the country’s authentic needs, JDS implements a preparatory survey at the preliminary stage incorporating the country`s implementation policy, priority field of study, local procedures, and human resource development strategy into program design.

At the implementation stage, it’s special features includes academic exchanges such as immersion and exposure to various technical fields in Japan, while participants will also be able to understand Japanese society and business culture, learn common interests & work towards common goals creating a system for strengthening relations between participating countries, especially Sri Lanka – Japan.

Besides JDS, JICA has been assisting the government of Sri Lanka to implement human resource development strategy via inviting more than 100 government officials for short term training in Japan under JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Programs annually from relevant ministries, including JICA’s technical cooperation project counterparts for necessary technical transfers.

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