Job Interview Tips: To Ease the Tension

Interview Emergency Kit - LBO - Article 4 - Chathurika Jayawardana

By Chathurika Jayawardana, Founder, Career Kit

Facing an interview can be quite stressful if you are a newbie in the battle of job hunting. Your heart beats so hard that you can hear it out loud while waiting outside the interview room!

We’ve prepared this ‘INTERVIEW EMERGENCY KIT’ to help ease the tension at the time of interview. Being prepared with these items will ensure a smooth self-conduct:

  1. The directions to find the location of the company. Turn on GPS on your phone, so you don’t have to rely on passersby/cab driver to locate it. You don’t want to waste time on the road. Being there on time is a key factor for selection.
  2. Your job interview portfolio containing:
    A) Your resume. If it’s a modern resume, take coloured printouts. Keep extra copies with you. In case there are more than one individual in the interview panel, you can hand each one a copy. They’ll be impressed by your thoughtfulness!
    B) The documents relevant to the details contained in the resume. If it’s just one round of interviews, some employers prefer to look at certain certificates. I’ve had candidates saying “sorry the caller didn’t ask me to bring any documents” when we asked for a work sample. This led the candidate to automatic elimination, as the other candidates came well-prepared with their portfolios.
  3. Questions to ask the interviewer. Never say “no”, when they ask you, “Do you have any questions for us”. Always keep your questions prepared beforehand, so you don’t have a brain-freeze at that point. Preparation of questions is the homework that you should do as soon as you receive the call for the interview. Having some question will also show them that you have a genuine interest to join the company, hence additional points for you at the selection process. Take note when you get all your questions answered. This is when the next item on this list will come in handy [We will do a separate article about what question to be prepared with].
  4. A notepad and pen.
  5. A water bottle. Have a sip or two before you walk into the interview room, to relieve any dryness in the throat. You want to keep your voice crystal-clear.
  6. A hairbrush/comb if you know that you are likely to have a rough/windy ride on the way to the interview. You don’t want to walk into the room like you’ve just been on roller coaster ride.
  7. Contact details of two non-related referees, so you can furnish upon request if they weren’t included in the resume.


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