Kapuwas Dilemma

The traditional kapuwa or marriage broker may be slowly going out of the scene, but certainly not his services.
Local businessmen have now started to give a new face to the old kapuwa, with claimed higher rates of success.rn

rnA number of match making and marriage services have sprouted in and around Colombo offering a variety of services from finding a partner to matching the horoscopes.rn

rnThe matchmaking job remains the same although the way it is done is seeing some serious change.rn

rnFor example the room housing the database of grooms and brides at the Mangrin marriage services looks like a library- a library of a kind. The files containing data are classified according to age for easy searching.rn

rnSumith and his wife in the library are wading through the files looking for a groom for her sister.rn

rnldblquote We first registered here. There are others who have registered like us. We are free to come and check their files anytime,
dblquote Sumith Jayasekara.rn

rnMangrin marriage b