Knowledge Forum

Sept 09, 2010 (LBO) – Academics and officials in Sri Lanka’s northern Jaffna peninsular has debated ways to transform the agrarian and fisheries area to a knowledge-based economy with better education, a think has said. He had said that that though Jaffna (North in general) is endowed with limited natural resources (‘moola valam)’ it is endowed with lot of brain resources (‘moolai valam’).

Nadarajah had urged educationists to align curricula to the needs of the market rather than expecting the market to absorb the output of schools and universities.

T Mahasivam, general secretary of the Ceylon Tamil Teachers™ Union has said human security was needed in the north and it was vital to have people™s participation in development planning.

A participant who held an opposite view had said too much focus was given to tertiary education and the Indian experience was not appropriate for Sri Lanka. Another had expressed fears about the entry of foreign and private universities to Sri Lanka.

Yet another had warned that business process outsourcing workers in India had suffered verbal abuse. Another participant had said he suspected that the forum was held to promote globalization at the behest of western int