Labour Law

A blueprint for the proposed social security net for redundant workers is in its final stages, with International Labour Organisation (ILO) consultants to submit their proposals by mid January.
ldblquote The ILO consultants will submit their first draft proposal on the social security net programme. The draft will include alternate strategies for implementing the programme,
dblquote says the Minster of Employment and Labour, Mahinda Samarasinghe. rn

rnThe security net that will look after worker rights and will be in tandem with proposed labour reforms and amendments to key legislation.rn

rnLabour reforms have been put on a fast track, with four bills including the controversial amendment to the Termination of Employment Act, being taken up as Parliament meets tomorrow.rn

rnThe Industrial Disputes Act, The Industrial Disputes Special Provisions Bill, and the amendment to the Termination of Employment Act will be debated tomorrow.rn

rnThe proposed bills will give a fair hearing to both employer

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