Lal quote s Charms

ldblquote Everything has been sorted out. We are starting work tomorrow
dblquote , a member of restructuring management team told Lanka Business Online.

rnrnThe 13-member restructuring management team returned to work today, for the first time since union activists unceremoniously ousted them on December 28.

rnrnThey attended Nanayakkara
quote s takeover ceremony this morning and were addressed by Treasury Secretary Charitha Ratwatte.

rnrnHowever, union activists then led a staff walkout and begun discussing the reform plan with Nanayakkara.

rnrnAfter a lengthy meeting they had agreed to end their anti-reform protests and allowed the management team to resume work, a source said.

rnrnIronically, this protest was initiated by the UNP
quote s trade union arm, the Jathika Sevaka Sangamaya. However, UNP bigwigs led by the Premier himself later stepped in, to avert the government
quote s pro-reform agenda from being damaged.

rnrnThe Ceylon Bank Employees Union then stepped in to carry on the protest,

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