Lamudi Sri Lanka launches online property guide

Lamudi Lanka Private Ltd, the premier online real estate marketplace in Sri Lanka, has recently launched a Property Guide page, as a part of the company’s efforts to increase understanding about the Sri Lankan property market.

The page can be accessed through the URL, and provides an extensive guide for property buyers, sellers and local landlords. It focuses on the most common questions asked about buying, selling or renting a property in Sri Lanka.

With this new guide the company hopes to close a critical knowledge gap, and allow real estate stakeholders to take more informed decisions when buying, selling or renting a property.

The page is built with simplicity in mind and is organised under a few main topics. Further information can be accessed through the subtopics.

“Property buyers who navigate to the guide can come across important topics such as; “things to consider when buying a home”, “aspects of financing you need to consider before buying” or “how to best negotiate when buying,” Anne Hermans, Regional Head South Asia, explained.

As well, sellers can expect a wide selection of resources that detail the appropriate selling process of a property. For example; “how to evaluate the true market price of your property”, “how to boost the value of your property to attract the best offers” or “should you or should you not hire a real estate agent to sell your property?”.

Landlords can expect vital information under subjects “deposits”, “tenancy agreements” or “lease agreements”. Other articles that focus on ending or extending a short-hold tenancy and, insurance options for landlords can be helpful in order to maintain a smooth interaction with the legal tenants.

The new property guide from Lamudi is a result of substantial research done by the company that is combined with years’ worth of experience in the real estate sector, to bring the latest and up to date information related to the conduct of real estate that is in line with international standards.

Lamudi considers it a vital part of its existence to provide the latest facts and data to local real estate stakeholders, and aims to help relevant parties to upgrade their business strategies as sellers or landlords, and, to improve search and location of properties for prospective tenants or buyers.

The strength of this guide mainly relies on two factors. Firstly, all information provided is accessible from a single location, saving time and money. Second, the information is objective, and from reputed sources. “Researching online can get a bit chaotic at times. With this guide, our goal is to increase the access to correct and detailed information” said Ms. Hermans.

While this can save both time and money for first time buyers, sellers and tenants, it can also be a comprehensive resource for real estate agents, particularly those who are new to the industry, and try to understand the fine art of facilitating a real estate deal.

(Media Release)

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