Lanka Inc.

Government is planning to set up an independent holding company to own and manage state enterprises.rn

rnThe company set up on the lines of Temasek Holdings of Singapore will enable state enterprises to be run independent of the government while the Sate retains ownership.rn

rnAn independent audit authority answerable to parliament is also on the cards.rn

rnThe audit authority will replace the auditor generals department as part of the government push to eliminate political interference in state enterprises.rn

rnldblquote We are talking to the Auditor General to increase the capacity. The Netherlands is willing to help us to create a National Audit Authority directly under Parliament, so no ministry can bring pressure on the audit department,
dblquote Treasury Secretary Charitha Rattwatte says.rn

rnldblquote That will give it some autonomy so they can work more closely with private auditors because they are the National Audit Capacity. We cannot say this is a govt audit and this is a private audit.

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