Lankas Dilemma

Top trade delegations from around the world will meet in the Mexican city of Cancun, at a meeting billed by many to be one that can drastically change world trade patterns.
But developed and developing countries will have to agree on a large variety of issues from opening up their agricultural sectors to protecting intellectual property rights. rn

rnSome trade experts say the upcoming ministerial meetings of the World Trade Organisation will be among the toughest as the expectations gap between developing and developed countries has widened. rn

rnFew developing countries are however, cooperating on a common stand and political forces are playing an ever-increasing role according to trade experts.rn

rnTariffs worldwide have come down as a direct result of trade talks sponsored by the WTO, which succeeded the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.rn

rnBut tariff reductions have been lopsided.rn

rnWestern countries still make imports like agricultural products uncompetitive by granting s

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