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The Science & Technology Ministry sent out calls on Friday for a consultant to lay the groundwork for a telecomm and ICT regulator.
Under the procurement procedure, the consultant has to write out the terms of reference or TOR for the new super regulator.rn

rnThe TOR will set the base for another consultant to draw up guidelines on how the telecomm, cable and the broadcasting industry will be policed.rn

rnThe Mass Communications Ministry on Thursday announced plans to set up a super watchdog and said the new law will go before legislators early 2003.rn

rnBy covering the telecomm and the Information Communications and Technology sector, the new super regulator is likely to replace the existing telecomm regulator and CINTEC.rn

rnThe existing Sri Lanka Broadcasting Act and the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation Act, will be scrapped and replaced with the new ICT/telecomm regulator. rn

rnWith more and more private radio and television networks emerging, the government feels the super regulator is i

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