LAUGFS Lubricants expands to serve the Northern Province


LAUGFS Lubricants (Pvt) Ltd, the first Sri Lankan company to enter the local lubricant industry back in 2008, has further expanded its product portfolio to the Northern Province.

The appointment of distributorship for the Anuradhapura region took place recently with the presence of company senior officials. This is also expected to serve customers in the Northern territories, enabling LAUGFS to offer its new generation lubricant solutions to a wider audience across the country.

LAUGFS Lubricants, which introduced the first local Lubricants brand under LAUGFS Oil, has grown rapidly to become a leader in an industry dominated by foreign brands. Its expansive products portfolio offers a range of automobile and industrial lubricant products manufactured using high quality base oils and modern additive technology to enhance performance.

“The engine is the heart of the vehicle and the performance of your vehicle depends upon the functionality of the engine. Therefore it is crucial to select the best lubricant for your engine to ensure optimum performance as well as its enhanced durability,” commented LAUGFS Lubricants CEO Dr. Amarasekera, a veteran in the industryspecializing in new generation lubricants.

“We always leverage on our expertise in advanced lubricant solutions through cutting-edge research and development to offer a superior range of products for our customers. Our expertise and capabilities are evident in the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) approvals we’ve received for Volvo, Renault and Porsche vehicles. We are also the only Sri Lankan lubricant company to hold licenses from the American Petroleum Institute, which defines global industry standards for motor oils,” Dr. Amarasekera further elaborated. “We believe in leveraging on our advanced industry expertise not only by offering a superior range of products, but also by sharing our knowledge with our customers and other stakeholders such as technicians through various awareness building initiatives.”

Renowned for superior quality and new generation lubricant solutions, LAUGFS Lubricants has become a trusted brand among Sri Lankan motorists. Last year, LAUGFS commenced operations of Sri Lanka’s first Tribology Park, where its products are blended using modern cutting-edge technology, compliant with international industry standards.

LAUGFS Lubricants operates with a strong dealership network spread island-wide and providesa range of after sales services including oil monitoring, oil checking and other special lubricant services.

LAUGFS Lubricants is a subsidiary of LAUGFS Holdings, one of the country’s largest diversified business conglomerates and a brand synonymous with trust. Founded in 1995, LAUGFS has expanded across more than 20 industries, both local and overseas, establishing a strong presence as a leader and pioneer in the Power and Energy, Retail, Industrial, Services, Leisure, Logistics and Real Estate sectors. With over 4,000 employees and an annual turnover exceeding Rs.28 billion, LAUGFS continues to expand and empower millions as a trusted Sri Lankan brand.