July 16, 2011 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s lawlessness and injustice was systematically engineered by the best legal minds in the country over a long period and the island’s minority are not the only victims, a lawyer who has also spoken out against judicial autocracy has said.

Kishali Pinto- Jayawardena, lawyer and author, addressing a meeting of the Citizens Movement of Good Governance (CIMOGG), a civil society organization, said the framers of the island’s post independent constitutions have systematically undermined rule of law.

“There are some who may be of the view that today’s problems of justice, rights and the Rule of Law has come about as a result of the peculiar political environment in which we find ourselves in today,” Pinto-Jayawardene said in the text of the speech.

“But this is not actually the case.
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The problem is far deeper than this.

“It is very apparent that at each historical point in time, the framers of Sri Lanka’s post independence constitutional documents suffered from a deep rooted distrust of giving practical effect to the rule of law and the idea of justice.”

Among Sri Lanka’s elite today there is a habit of blaming “rural masses” for the country’s lawlessness and deficit of justice.

Rule of Law

At a very basic

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