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June 25, 2011 (LBO) - Use of torture by police in Sri Lanka is "endemic" and lawlessness has gradually superseded rule of law in the island partly due a flawed constitution, a rights body which has publicized hundreds of such cases for over a decade, has said.
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"This constitution led to the politicization of the police by politicians - particularly the President and the Minister of Defense, as well as powerful members of the ruling party -- who began to control the actions of the police," AHRC said.
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"Since professional etiquette had to be flouted in order to meet the needs of these politicians, investigations were not carried out according to the rule of law.

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"Politicians would demand for certain citizens to be arrested or released for reasons of social gain or political expedience.
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"Police officers have repeatedly said that to deny requests from high-ranking state officials would result in demotions, transfers or even the loss of their jobs."


The AHRC says police use torture when they cannot resolve complaints through competent criminal justice enquiries.

"The inaction of the police leads to a rise in public pressure which the police counter by randomly selecting people, usually from those of less privileged s

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