LiCC launches water-proof denim jeans in Sri Lanka


Firebrand jeans retailer Long Island Clothing Company (LiCC) today launched a trail blazing brand of water-proof jeans and thus takes the much favoured denim jeans to yet another level.

The launch of the water-proof jeans titled LiCC Liberté invites you to be part of a grander scheme. Wearing wet clothes is always a drag, but wearing wet jeans can be even more so due to the weight. Chances are you might be caught in a sporadic thunderstorm which will eventually soak through your denim jeans. This hampers your journey and your style but with LiCC’s new style revolution, rain need not be a damper as your jeans will stay dry as the dessert and fashionably so!

Nature offers a glimpse of this concept through the lotus plant which appears nonchalant about water droplets which roll off its surface. Similar to its rough texture that expels water, is the Liberté collection, inspired by the origins of nature itself to present the much-anticipated water-proof jeans. It is the most authentic pair of jeans for those who wish to live without boundaries.

“No retailer in the Sri Lankan market has launched a local product as such and we at LiCC wanted to be the first to launch the water proof jeans, targeting all the bikers in Sri Lanka, to make them ride with freedom and confidence. It is not merely the bikers who will benefit from this fabulous brand but each person who has felt the discomfort of being soaked to the bone in a pair of wet jeans”, said CEO of LiCC, Mr. Yasotharan.

LiCC Liberté urges you to break free of stereotypes and spearhead new styles! Be an epitome of fashion and the movement of trendsetters through the brand which intends to create a sensation. LiCC also offers nine other segments of top-of-the-range denim jeans created to wow the varied customers of SL. They are The Fast Lane, Rhythm and Blues, Bohemian Vibes, Dé Sarong, Blazed Blueprints, Coloré Monde, Indigo Grunge, Leather Lore and Prime Melangé.

“We at LiCC have revolutionised the concept of jeans in Sri Lanka by revamping the styles and trends to suit the modern wearer. Our mantra is to offer chic styles incorporated with maximum comfort. Denim jeans are a must-have in any wardrobe and we specialise in offering the most varied and versatile range through our creative collection. Through this innovative brand LiCC has taken the Sri Lankan fashion industry by storm”, Yasotharan added.

(Media Release)


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