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Light Delay

A proposed light rail system for Colombo is going slow as officials now prepare to roll out a pre-feasibility study with Indian assistance.
Policy makers are lobbying for Cabinet approval to commission Indias Metro-rail using Rs. 50 mn (Indian rupees) under the Indian line of credit.rn

rnThe project so far only has a sketch or a trace of the proposed route the light rail or mass transit system will travel through, connecting key locations in and around Colombo.rn

rnThe project however, has over 11 international firms interested in developing a light rail network, following a late 2003 call by the Ministry of Western Regional Development. rn

rnMinistry officials say they hope to get Cabinet approval to use the Indian line of credit for the study be end February, with work on the pre-feasibility commencing somewhere in march. rn

rnOfficials estimate the study will take about six months to complete. rn

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