LIRNEasia expands knowledge base in big data

Mar 08, 2016 (LBO) - A new report from LIRNEasia on using behavioral big data for public purposes aims to explores privacy issues at the frontiers of research on big data, the think tank said. The research aims to produce insights from Mobile Network Big Data (MNBD) for informing policy across various domains such as urban and transportation planning, disaster risk reduction, economic and social policy, and health.
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"LIRNEasia's role is to participate in this global dialogue with experiential evidence. We conduct our own big data analyses and engage deeply with policy makers, as well as the private sector who currently possess the majority (if not the only source) of big data of relevance for developmental policy.
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" One goal is to catalyze the development of in-situ expertise in developing economies to conduct big data analyses for developmental purposes, LIRNEasia said. The report aims to develop guidelines for the ethical use of mobile network big data in collaboration with mobile operators so as to catalyze greater access to big data for development research purposes by reducing the transaction costs of releasing the data. It also explores marginalization or exclusion from the scope of data collection, poverty/wealth mapping, including redlining, and the identification of regular and ad hoc congregations.
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More about the report can be read here
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