Looking For Direction

Education reforms have been on the cards for the past 20 years but in implementation have been a painfully slow process if not a non-starter.

rnrnIn addition to a lack of political will, one of the key reasons educational reforms get stuck in limbo is the failure of successive governments to successfully market the reforms to all stakeholders.

rnrnldblquote This has resulted in the different stakeholders from the students to the academia to the business community with different visions and perceptions that don
quote t coincide
dblquote , says Chairman of the Education Subcommittee, Faizal Saleih.

rnrnAs a result, resistance mushrooms in pockets, with reforms then running into dead ends.

rnrnldblquote Resistance that still has students up in arms over everything else but a quality education
dblquote , Saleh said.

rnrnA round table discussion with the Ministers of Education on the proposed marketing plan for reforms will follow close behind and building on next week
quote s conference.rn


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