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Love From India

The promoters of Indias first Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) system have offered to help the government to set up a similar system to help ease congestion in Colombo.
Delhi Metro, Indias first MRT has submitted a feasibility study report to the government, which has been accepted in principle.rn

rnOfficials from Delhi Metro Rail Corporation were quoted as saying their proposal, plans to put two suburban train lines and a metro network for Colombo.rn

rnIf accepted by the government for implementation Delhi Metro says they are ready to help the government with setting up the network and technology transfers.rn

rnThe recently commissioned Delhi Metro Rail Corporation or DMRC is the only mass transit system in India. If the companys proposal is accepted it will be the first overseas venture by the company.rn

rnThe network according to the DMRC study will only comprise elevated or ground level trains. The feasibility study has found that Colombo cannot have underground train lines.rn

rnThe project to

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