LRT In Colombo

The government is to call for private proposals to develop a light rail transit system for urban travel in the Western Province.
The Urban Development Authority will shortly seek cabinet approval to kick off the project.

rnrnUDA Director General Lakshman Jayasekera told Lanka Business Report that the LRT system is estimated to cost about US$ 500 mn or Rs. 50 bn.

rnrnAt least four parties have already expressed interest in building the urban transit system.

rnrnAmong those interested include Asian firms from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

rnrnMeanwhile a Swiss company has offered to build a magnetically levitated LRT system.

rnrnThe worlds first Maglev light rail system is now under construction in Shanghai.

rnrnLRT systems are typically made of two parallel tracks on a circular track. Coach trains will go in opposite directs on the parallel rails.

rnrnSome Maglev trains are eventually expected to be capable of high speeds, above 300 km per hour, effectively offering competition to air

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