Marketing Brands

Marketing professionals are rethinking brand strategies, as the country gets ready for a phase of growth and consolidation. Long thought out survival strategies are fast being replaced by aggressive growth plans.
The changing fortunes on the economic front are posing a new set of challenges for brands faced with growing consumer demand and sophistication.rn

rnThe Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing recently tried to recognize some of the brands making an impact during the resurgence in a ceremony, which it hopes will be an annual event.rn

rnHyperactive perhaps could be the word that defines kids these days. That word was on top of the minds of a creative team in an ad agency when it came up with a character to drive a campaign for a childrens savings account. rn

rnThe character is smart, fun, perhaps even cute, and like all kids, hyperactive. rn

rnIts creators at Lowe LDB say they broke new ground in trying to give a persona to a childrens savings account offered by the National Sav