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The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) will call for a consultant to come up with a formula to handout subsidies for network rollout in rural areas.
The consultant will also define the criteria on which subsidy payments will be made.
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rnThe draft terms of reference comes a week after the draft Viswa Grama Fund (the telecom development fund) bill was released for public comment. rn

rnThe formula and the basis on which subsidy payments are to be made are crucial elements in the workings of the fund. rn

rnRegulatory officials say they are waiting for telecom industry to comment on the terms of reference before finalizing it and calling for a consultant.rn

rnThe Viswa Grama Fund (VGF) will have two main sub-funds, one for network extension by existing operators and the other for the new multi-service platforms. rn

rnMost of the money from the international levies would flow to the network extension component of the fund that would be available only to facilities-based telecom operat

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