Melbourne remains most liveable out of 140 cities: The Economist


Aug 18, 2016 (LBO) – Melbourne in Australia for the sixth straight year remains the most liveable of the 140 cities surveyed, followed by Vienna, Vancouver and Toronto, the 2016 Liveability Ranking showed.

The ranking compiled by the Intelligence Unit of ‘The Economist’ said although the top five cities remain unchanged, the past year has seen increasing instability across the world, causing volatility in the scores of many cities.

“Sydney, for example, has fallen by four places, to move out of the ten most liveable cities, owing to a heightened perceived threat of terrorism,” the report said.

“This has allowed Hamburg in Germany to move up to tenth place, although other German cities, such as Frankfurt and Berlin, have experienced declines in stability.”

The report said over the past six months 16 cities of the 140 surveyed have experienced changes in scores. This rises to 35 cities, or 25 percent of the total number surveyed, when looking at changes over the past year.

Of these changes, the majority have been negative (29 in the past 12 months), reflecting deteriorating stability as cities around the world face heightened threats of terrorism or unrest.

The continuing weakening of global stability scores has been made uncomfortably apparent by a number of high-profile incidents that have not shown any signs of slowing in recent years.

“Violent acts of terrorism have been reported in many countries, including Turkey, Australia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, France, Belgium and the US,” the report said.

“This has been a year undoubtedly marked by terrorism. While not a new phenomenon, its frequency and spread have increased noticeably and become even more prominent in the past year.”


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