Members Only

New subjects are making their way into CIMA Sri Lankas curriculum, including fashion tips, social dancing and opportunities for networking.
All the new subjects will however be limited to members signing up with the CIMA Business Club launched Tuesday. rn

rnThe Club and its website ( is expected to provide passed finalists an opportunity to interact and keep in touch with members and improve their business etiquette. rn

rnA series of workshops and activity meetings have been proposed in regular intervals for CIMA members signing up with the Club, Association President Sudarshan Senaratne said. rn

rnA Council Member said ldblquote the Club is a move beyond CIMA class room education, and a necessary element in the business world today, especially with increased interactions with international clients.
dblquote rn

rnThe Members only Club also offers an online job registry, social lessons and weekend outing for the tired CIMA qualified corporate executive.rn

rnThe Club