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Mobile Hit

WASHINGTON, July 27, 2013 (AFP) - With the shift to mobile Internet gaining pace, some of the big tech firms are adapting and others are not.
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"Its products are no longer cutting edge," he said.
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"It has failed to introduce sufficiently innovative product updates and services frequently enough (or) expand its limited product range."

He added that the "competition has caught up and product fatigue is setting, pressuring growth and margins.

"Apple is making similar errors to those previously made by Nokia and Motorola, including hubris.
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But Ramon Llamas at the research firm IDC said he is "pretty patient" about Apple, and is waiting to see the "amazing new products" promised by chief Tim Cook, which could include wearable electronic devices.

"Maybe they will come out with a new product category, and raise profitability," he said.

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The latest earnings from the sector show that mobile is hitting the bottom line, either in positive or negative ways, at giants like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Apple.

Facebook's quarterly report this week showed how the world's biggest social network profited from that shift, as it

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