Mobile Identity

Dec 29, 2010 (LBO) – Sri Lanka is to delay a move to restrict the number of mobile phone SIM cards individuals can own after requests for more time from mobile phone companies, a senior Telecommunications Regulatory Commission official said. TRC director-general Anusha Pelpita said that under the new rule the number of registered SIM cards an individual can have from one operator would be five.

Currently there are no restrictions on use of SIMs (subscriber identity modules), removable cards that store mobile phone identification data.

The government has said it wants to limit SIM ownership and also require all mobile phone users to register to prevent the use of mobile phones for terrorism or crime.

Pelpita told, our sister news website, the restrictions were to come into force in January 2011 but will be delayed by three months at the request of mobile phone operators.

“This rule is being enforced by the defence ministry. Mobile phone operators will be given the three months they have asked for to prepare.”

Pelpita said that under the new rule the number of SIM cards individuals can own would be not five per individual but five per operator. The island has five mobile phone operators.

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