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Money Transfer

Oct 23, 2014 (LBO) – Sri Lanka DFCC Vardhana Bank (DVB), a commercial bank launched Lanka Money Transfer (LMT) service, a remittance service which allows customers, both the sender and receiver to transfer money with ease, using the banks that they trust. The newly introduced service will allow customers to transfer money with ease and enables them to remit money using a trusted bank they already know.

Transferring money can be a tiresome process but with Lanka Money Transfer, the entire process is seamless and is no longer a burden, as money is directly remitted to the receiver’s bank account. Lakshman Silva, CEO, DFCC Vardhana Bank said.

Our extensive partner network provides our joint customers with the opportunity to remit their money with ease to the banks they trust.

Many individuals are uncomfortable with remitting money to banks they are unfamiliar with and in order to address this concern, DVB has partnered with a network of banks.

Partner banks of the Lanka Money Transfer service include the Regional Development Bank, Lanka Orix Finance PLC, HDFC Bank, Sanasa Bank, Amãna Bank and Union Bank PLC.

Customers of DVB and any of the LMT partner banks will be able to use the Lanka Money Transfer service to remit

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