Moving Foreward

June 08, 2013 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Kia automobile distributor which launched the 2013 Sorento sport utility model in Colombo is banking on tax slashed permits issued to state workers to sell the vehicles, an official said. “We haven’t gone in to those markets yet but I am sure there is potential,” Perera said. “I guess with the infrastructure developing it is definitely a market we would like to look in to those areas.”

KIA said the new 2013 Sorento SUV in is “smarter and safer” than its 2012 version with enhanced styling.

It features new design of the fog lamps, radiator grill, (LED) light emitting diode rear combination lamp, rear bumper and the tailgate.

The company says a full option 2013 Sorento will cost around 6.4 million rupees and is mainly target to individual customer rather than corporates due to permits.

Sri Lanka’s entire automobile industry was badly hit in mid 2012 after taxes were suddenly jacked up on motor vehicles twice in the wake of balance of payments pressure. Similar incidents have happened earlier.

Most distributors of brand new vehicles are depending on tax-slashed ‘permits’ given to state workers to keep sales up.

“The taxes do affect us, it affects the price of t