Nail Claim

AMMAN, November 22, 2010 (AFP) – A Sri Lankan maid who said she had swallowed nails did so to pin the blame on her employer in Jordan and be sent home, recruitment agency officials said in the Jordan Times newspaper on Monday. “We have asserted that the helper™s accusations were false and she had confessed she was making trouble for her employer in order to be sent back to her country,” agencies’ association president Khalid Hseinat said.

“After an investigation, it turns out that the Sri Lankan employee who arrived in Jordan in October and worked for a week with her employer invented the accusations,” he told the English-language daily.

The head of Al-Hafnawi Recruitment Agency, which brought in the maid, told the newspaper that his staff in Sri Lanka had visited her back home.

“She admitted to the workers, who are Sri Lankan citizens, that she deliberately swallowed five nails by putting them in bananas in an attempt to force her employer to send her back to her country,” said Theib Hafnawi.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) last week urged Middle East states, including Jordan, to protect migrant workers.

The New York-based rights group said accusations by three Sri Lankan maids that they were forced to swal

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