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Nail Torture

Aug 25, 2010 (LBO) - A Sri Lankan woman working as a domestic aide in Saudi Arabia has had 24 flaming nails driven in to her foot and a needle into her forehead by her employers, a rights body has said. Several hundred thousand Sri Lankan women work in Middle Eastern countries.

The rights body said there have been many cases of harassment of maids and the latest case raises questions about how to compensate victims of such severe injuries.

"As for law, the local employers in these countries are hardly ever prosecuted for their severe criminal acts against domestic workers," the AHRC said.

"The victims are too poor and powerless to pursue such complaints and the Sri Lankan government will not pursue these matters for fearing of losing business opportunities.

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Sri Lanka's state has also under pressure for human rights abuses against its own citizens, and concern has been growing at the declining rule of law and civil liberties in the island over several decades.

Sri Lanka's citizens have taken up arms against the state three times in three decades.

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The Asian Human Rights Commission, a Hong Kong based rights body said a needle has also been driven in to the forehead of the wom

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