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No other solution before this economic crisis throws Sri Lanka into social unrest, says Harsha

Sri Lanka will not be able to solve the current crisis by merely going to the IMF and need to engage with a whole range of multilateral, bilateral, and private investors to find a solution, said Opposition Parliamentarian Harsha de Silva.

Speaking at a press briefing, de Silva urged the government to pave way for negotiations with the IMF.

“President Gotabaya Rajapaksa should not be running away from the problem, as he is the topmost official in charge of the country, thus it is his responsibility to get all parties together to initiate a sustainable solution,” de Silva said.
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“The Finance Minister is never to be seen in Parliament, as he is purposely neglecting our questions.”

The question of debt sustainability has been a major topic at the recently held IMF board meeting, which discussed Sri Lanka’s state of the economy.

“Global markets nor the IMF is ready to believe in the fairytales circulated by the Rajapaksa government. Unfortunately, Sri Lanka has fallen to the bottom now, begging neighboring countries for spare change and being unable to pay back our creditors, on top of the inability to import critical commodities,” he said.

“Therefore, we vehemently urge the government to stop the suffering of our people at least now and swallow their ego to pave way for negotiations with the IMF. There is no other solution at this juncture before this economic crisis throws Sri Lanka into social unrest.”

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