Lack of funding could kill the rubber industrys research arm warns the Rubber Research Institute.
RRI officials estimate that over Rs. 23 million is urgently needed to upgrade the age old equipment and to improve other sections at the Institute. rn

rnOfficials say without the new equipment, the RRI is unable to develop new research to help the rubber industry. rn

rnRRI officials say a request for funds from the Treasury was turned down, with policy makers asking the present administrators to draw up revenue generating proposals. rn

rnHowever, state officials have agreed to allow for an amendment to the RRIs Act to allow the Institute to conduct research on contract from the private sector. rn

rnIn addition, the RRI wants the state ok to re-impose an industry cess, this time the money will form a cushions fund for the industry if world rubber prices fall, instead of funding the Institute. rn

rnSenior RRI officials say the cess was removed in 1995 as international rubber prices were at a low

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