Number Hunt

Telecom regulators are proposing a new numbering plan for telephones, which they say, will aid growth in the industry.
If implemented the plan will change the countrys phone numbers for the first time in decades. Phone numbers are also a scarce resource the telecom regulator has to manage together with ldblquote rights of way
dblquote and the frequency spectrum.

rnIf you found six digit phone numbers hard to remember, things are about to get worse.rn

rnA new numbering plan presented by the telecom regulator plans to put ten digits in to all phone numbers in the country. rn

rnFor instance if your current SLT phone number in Colombo is 222 222, the area code would be zero one.rn

rnThe new number will have a three-digit area code, a single digit identifying the operator, in SLTs case that will be the number two and a six-digit subscriber number.rn

rnRegulators say most existing phone numbers would not change much, other than perhaps adding or removing one or two digits in front.