Olive Branch

ldblquote On a Prime Ministerial directive, we are going to take off all old tax files after a certain date. This will be an incentive to tax evaders to start afresh,
dblquote Deputy Finance Minister, Bandula Gunawardene told chamber delegates today.

rnrnFacing one of its highest debt servicing ratios ever, the government is banking on a series of lquote soft tax policies
quote to encourage taxpayers.

rnrnAs an initial step, parliament last week passed a bill, the Inland Revenue Special Provisions Act, which will give immunity for tax dodgers from April 1, 2002 to March 31, 2003.

rnrnGunawardene urged the chambers to encourage its membership to make use of this golden opportunity.

rnrnMeanwhile, the Finance Minister has decided to reduce the 1 percent airport and port levy to 0.75 percent. The levy will come up for revision in the November budget.rn