Opening Runways

The Civil Aviation Authority is awaiting the Ministry green light to open access to all of fourteen airports in the country.
The Civil Aviation Authority says private airlines can start flights as soon as permission is granted, as the traffic will be light to the airports all of which are operational at present.rn

rnThe airports mainly used for military purposes now will be opened up for civilian traffic including tourism.rn

rnldblquote The Civil Aviation Authority has asked the government for permission to operate civilian flights to some of the local airports,
dblquote Civil Aviation Authority Chairman, Shibly Aziz says.rn

rnSeveral airlines operating the Jaffna-Colombo run have already made inquiries about prospects to fly to other cities.rn

rnAt present only the Jaffna-Colombo route has been approved for domestic carriers.rn

rnBut with an opening of domestic skies shortly, airlines will be able to operate on any route, except for a few with security concerns. rn

rnOfficials say the mov