Otara launches Foundation for environmental sustainability and animal welfare


July 13, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s fashion entrepreneur and animal lover Otara Gunewardene, has launched a non-profit foundation dedicated to improving the lives of all animals, communities and the environment, a statement said.

“There is no business that we engage in which is more important than preserving the environment we have been blessed with,” Otara Gunewardene said, announcing the formal registration of the Otara Foundation said.

“This was always my belief and it has always been at the core of my business past and present,”

“As people, as a country and as the world we have lost the importance of conservation and living in harmony with nature and all its animals.”

The Foundation will combat climate change and extinction of animal and plant species through conservation, awareness, good governance and policy change.

The statement said the foundation is also strengthened by its board of directors: Andorran investor and founder of the Bomosa Foundation Turi Mora, British milliner and fashion icon Stephen Jones, Swedish entrepreneur Karl Hoversjö and renowned lawyer ArithaWickramanayake.

The activities will be funded by Otara Gunewardene, as well as by donations from likeminded institutions and individuals, revenue from the Embark fashion retail operation and fund-raising initiatives.