The local credit information agency is trying to add value to its services with donor help.
Credit Information Bureau says that World Bank help is on offer to improve its product offering which is presently limited to basic credit information.rn

rnThe bureau will also go on line offering their clients quicker access to information.rn

rnldblquote They provide a lot of products like credit scoring, fraud prevention, management solutions etc,
dblquote says P H Amarasena, Credit Information Bureau.rn

rnCredit information bureau is also putting its operations online.rn

rnBanks and other financial institutions that provide the information will be able to do so online and also retrieve data online.rn

rn”At the moment we have a computerized system but the information is given by fax or post. We want to go online. We have called for EoI to develop the system and received about 50. 24 have responded. We are in the process of short-listing them,” says Amarasena.rn