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Over one million Sri Lankans affected by drought

Jan 23, 2017 (LBO) - Sri Lankans have been warned to conserve water and electricity with over a million persons affected so far by drought as crop output decreases and shortages of drinking water are being reported, officials said. Officials at the disaster information center say over a million person have so far been affected with the Eastern province being hit the worst. The drought has affected 1,072,392 in the island with 355,031 and 213,367 persons from the Eastern and Western province being affected, the latest data showed. The Disaster Management Ministry says the government was gearing up to deal with drought relief which includes food and water relief. Sri Lanka’s main South East monsoon from May to August failed with very little rain recorded and the North East monsoon was delayed until mid-December bring in around half the rainfall compared to last year. Meanwhile the power ministry has also warned that hydro power generation capacity is down to only 32 percent in Randenigala, Victoria, Samanala Kanda and other reservoirs due to the drought. The dry spell is expected to continue on for another 3-4 even 5 months according to meteorological officials.
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The full situation report follows Situation Report on 2017.01.22 at 1800 hrs ..
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