PAFFREL released provincial council Election Day report

Sep 23, 2014 (LBO) – Poll monitoring group the People’s Action for Free and Fair Elections (PAFFREL) said there are about seven incidents of violence including three serious incidents has been reported during the day of provincial council election which took place on 20th September, 2014. Election Department

PAFFREL appreciates the efforts made by the Elections Commissioner and his dedicated staff to fulfill the law pertaining to elections despite his powers being restricted under the 18th Amendment to the Constitution. Yet, it is a matter of concern that his instructions were not implemented in the practical context.

PAFFREL condemns the incident in which Deputy Election Commissioner Namal Talangama was threatened with death on the nomination day in Mahiyangane.

Police Department

Although the police acted in the Badulla district to curb election malpractices they were unable to do so effectively in the Moneragala district PAFFREL said.

The election related violence in the areas such as Badalkumbura, Wdlawaya and Moneragala was an impediment to a free and election.

PAFFREL has brought this to the notice of IGP, and requested him to put up roadblocks manned by police officers as a measure to strengthen security in the area and deploy armed