Pakistan women’s cricket team gets stylish with off-duty kurtas

Al Karam Studio has designed an outfit for the women’s cricket team which will serve as their official non-playing kit, and we are big fans of the simple, feminine look.

Images talked to the design team at Al Karam Studio about the outfit they’ve designed.

“Keeping in mind that [the women’s cricket team] are seen as role models for today’s women, we focused on the traditional timeless silhouette,” shared Al Karam Studio designer Pooja Achariya about the white kurta.

“As we had to coordinate the outfit with the official green blazers of the women’s cricket team, it was quite natural that we paired it with white as opposed to green,” she added about the colour scheme.

“We have further detailed the outfit with green finishing to complement and enhance the delicate thread work.”

The women’s cricket team wore this kurta-trouser set at social events and while travelling.

“The scarf is inspired from truck art elements and the Pakistan cricket team’s logo, which adds colour to their wardrobe,” explains Pooja. “The colours represent the different roles women play in our society. It can also serve as a staple accessory that they can wear on any occasion.”

Courtesy: Pakistan High Commission in Colombo/DAWN

The team in their ki


A digitally printed silk scarf accompanies the outfit.

That selfie may not have gone as planned!