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Jan 25, 2014 (LBO) – The latest bright idea from Sri Lanka™s police is to ask all motor cyclists in the Western province to switch on their headlights during day-time. With this level of macro-economic boost, there will be no need for the Census and Statics department to massage national data. Director Wanasinghe who is regarded a whistle-blower could have kept his job had the police implemented the day-time headlight plan last year.

This year™s growth rate could get a two to three percentage point boost with the simple switching of a headlight during the day.

This year™s Nobel economics prize could go to police and that too would be a world first that would make Sri Lanka truly the wonder of Asia.

To read more stories by our Paradise Isle colmunist Namal Suvendra click on the links below The move is widely applauded by battery and bulb manufacturers.

The naysayers may dismiss the move as meaningless in a tropical country where visibility during the day was never a safety issue, but the police chief who thought of this illuminating idea must be a genius.

When switching on the headlight, the motorcycle will also automatically turn on

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