Paradise Isle

Nov 13, 2012 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s move to allow tax free racing cars may sound like a pacifier for the rich kids of politicians, but the move could actually be aimed at cultivating a new culture to improve farm-related transport. The 2013 budget took away the 300 percent tax on super luxury racing cars while slapping an additional tax on farm machinery including tractors. This may seem bizarre to ordinary folk but a deeper analysis reveals true genius behind the new tax logic.

One of the best racing cars of all time, the Lamborghini, started off as a tractor made with World War II military surplus. The Lambo Murcielago and the Diablo have strong agricultural DNA dating back to the 1951 farm tractor.

Realistically, a racing car is not going to be used every day, in fact it is most likely to be used only at night. That too, only when night races are underway in Colombo. At other times, however, the 630 horse power (6.5 litre V12) engine could be coupled to an electricity generator that could light up an entire town in rural Sri Lanka.

Attaching a plough to a Lambo is also not a problem either and the light-weight all-wheel drive

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