PCoI appointed to ensure transparency in SL Customs

Sri Lanka-Customs-Headquarters

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has appointed a Presidential Commission of Inquiry(PCoI) to evaluate the state of current affairs of the Sri Lanka Customs Department and make recommendations to enhance its effectiveness.

The Commission is assigned to simultaneously come up with recommendations to make services by SL Customs more efficient and effective while dealing with various allegations and alleged irregularities against it.

Another responsibility entrusted with the PCoI is to make suggestions to ensure and maintain total transparency in the functioning of the SL Customs, taking into account security and quarantine rules in the utilization of information technology.

The President has directed the Commission of Inquiry to consult the opinions of the public and other parties and to review the proposals submitted by the Customs Trade Unions.

Supreme Court Judge Shiran Anthony Gooneratne has been appointed the Chairman of the Commission.

Court of Appeal Judge Priyantha Fernando, High Court Judge Damith Thotawaththa, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka K.M.M Siriwardana, Senior Trade Expert Dr. Sanath Jayanetti and Former Additional Director-General P.A Dias are the other members of the commission.

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