Phone Rivalry

Dec 06, 2010 (LBO) – Sri Lanka Telecom has reduced call charges and phone rentals and offered reductions for customers who chose packages with broadband and IPTV bundled together with voice services, a statement said. Those with broadband and IPTV services bundled into their packages are offered lower rates, the SLT statement said. SLT, the dominant state-run telco, said it was offering two sets of call plans for new and existing ‘Megaline’ customers, one targeted at business customers and the other for residential customers.

Under the call plan for residential customers, there is no start up fee and the rental was reduced to 310 rupees a month, from 345 rupees.

Call rates vary depending on whether calls are made within the SLT network, or to other networks; whether the package is voice only or with broadband and IPTV; and the time during which the calls are made.

SLT has extended the number of off-peak (leisure) hours from 63 hours to 101 hours and peak (active) hours have been reduced to 67 hours, from 105 hours of earlier.

“For residential customers, since more than 50 percent of calls are made during the leisure hour period, this call plan provides them with the call rates of one rupee per minut

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