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The three dominant cellular operators endash Celltel, Mobitel and Dialog endash had earlier put in a joint proposal for an across the board Rs. 2.00 increase for all outgoing calls during peak times.

rnrnInstead, the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) has responded with a Rs. 1.00 increase for Mobitel, Rs. 0.75 raise for Dialog and a Rs. 0.80 hike for Celltel.

quote request for a Rs. 1.00 revision for off peak outgoing calls was turned down. Instead, Mobitel was offered a Rs. 0.50 increase, Dialog a Rs. 0.45 raise and Celltel and Rs. 0.50 hike.

rnrnA Rs. 1.00 increase for peak time incoming calls was also rejected. TRC offered Celltel a Rs. 0.50 increase, Dialog Rs. 0.40 and Mobitel a Rs. 0.60 hike.

rnrnThe TRC, however, approved the operators
quote request to provide free incoming calls to subscribers during off peak hours.

rnrnThe fourth operator, Hutchison, has submitted a separate request, but the TRC has yet to give it
quote s ruling.

rnrnUnder the cellular licen

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